Cabin Branch Forest HOA

Meeting Minutes 9_2020

Cabin Branch Forest Annual Meeting 9/10/2020

Meeting called to order at 7:30pm


  • Jason and Julia Yard 21067 Branchwood way
  • Thera Miller and Tom Della Penna
  • Thera Miller and Tom Della Penna
  • Jim and Jen Clute
  • Darrell and Carol Overby 45834 Cabin Branch Drive
  • Gary & April Marsh – 45879 Cabin Branch Drive
  • Kristina Rasmussen 21058 Branchwood Way
  • Eddie Jeffries 21063 Branchwood Way
  • Tyler & Michelle Hendricks – 45874 Cabin Branch Drive
  • Antonio Guerra 21120 Midday Lane
  • Sarah Young – 21075 Branchwood Way
  • Thomas Wolf – Proxy signed and submitted
  • Tom and Danielle Vestal
  • Bo Biddle
  • Aron Osborne
  • Curtis Cresson
  • Halooney
  • Judy and Paul Helstrom
  • Rebecca Griffin
  • Nancy ?
  • Steve Schafer
  • Tyler and Michelle


  • Dan Hibbard Nominated and confirmed to the board
  • Thomas “TJ” Vestal self nominated and confirmed
  • Jason Yard self nominated and confirmed

Trash Pick up
Bo suggested vacuum leaf removal
Some complaints about yard waste pick up
Trash was coming extremely early at times

2019 income statement
Trash service contract up – Looking to get volunteer to help negotiate a new contract for 2021

Trash pick up in front of the community
Anne Lowery brought up the trash on the way to Claude Moore park
Judy expressed concern about landscapers looking at turn lane into the neighborhood

Richard asked about amending the bi laws to allow above ground pools
Anne Lowery brought up the trash on the way to Claude Moore park
Recommended temporary cessation of dues based on Covid-19 impact on families.

Open discussion about Halloween tradition and what we could do to make it a safe environment

Meeting Adjourned at 8:28pm

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